Organic Fertilizers: The Natural Way to Boost Growth

Organic is not just a trendy word today. It’s becoming a way of life. Мore and more people are considering the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle and working on living according to their beliefs. That’s why the word “organic” is so popular.


It’s common knowledge that everything organic is good for the health of plants, animals, and humans. So, organic fertilizers are the best choice with environmental prоtection in mind.


With years of experience on the market, we know the ins and outs of organic fertilizing. Whether you have a tomato garden or concentrate on growing flowers, we have offerings that both you and your plants will love.

What Is an Organic Fertilizer for Plants?

Organic fertilizer is a term used to describe a mix of organic materials that are used to provide plants with essential micro and macronutrients. The best aspect of this type of fertilizer is that it not only improves plant growth and health but also promotes soil enrichment over time.


Organic fertilizers’ helpful components are released slowly, making their use sustainable. Common examples of such fertilizers are compost, bone meal, chicken manure pellets, and fish emulsion.

Grow Plant Organic Fertilizers

If making your own compost is too time-consuming or troublesome, but you still want to feed your plants organically, then read on.


Packed with organic growth stimulants and soil revitalizers, the organic fertilizers with the label “Grow Plant” have the potential to meet the needs of every farmer or gardener. The main ingredients include trace elements, essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids—all of which will make a difference to your flora.


Let us introduce you to our premium collection of organic fertilizers, with the help of which your plants and crops will get a “flying start” and a helpful hand during their whole lifecycle. As a result, you will also improve soil fertility and its overall characteristics.

What Is an Organic Fertilizer for Plants?

All Grow Plant organic fertilizers are available in 1 l, 10 l, and 20 l packs.
  • Grow-Plant-ASP

    Grow Plant ASP: A Powerful Amino Acids Fertilizer

    The L-free amino acids included in this organic fertilizer have a low molecular weight, which makes them easier and faster for plants to absorb. Fulvic acids are natural antioxidants and humic acids play the role of natural assistants for rapid growth, ensuring better absorption of essential micro and macronutrients. Seaweed extract provides numerous advantages, including frost protection, faster nutrient transportation, and improved water intake.
  • Grow-Plant-Humate-Soil

    Grow Plant Humate Soil Potassium Fertilizer

    This potent organic fertilizer is great for both alkaline and acidic soils as it balances their pHs. Toxin reduction contributes to enhanced root development, flowering, and plant growth. The high levels of sugar and vitamins are a prerequisite for better resistance to diseases, pests, and unsuitable weather.
  • Grow-Plant-HumiSi

    Grow Plant HumiSi: Humic Acid Fertilizer to Improve Soil Health

    This one stands out for its high percentages of silicone and fulvic acids. Silicone is known for its protective properties. It guards against various threats, such as frost, diseases, pests, and deficiency in plant food. What is more, fulvic acids support plant health in all stages of their development, and humic acids work to revitalize the soil and restore its composition.
  • Grow-Plant-Vegetation

    Grow Plant Vegetation Seaweed Fertilizer

    Meet our new leaf organic fertilizer, enriched with important elements, such as seaweed extract and magnesium. Seaweed extract brings minerals, vitamins, hormones, and enzymes, which improve seed germination and emergence as well as fruit and vegetable quality and yield. Magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and amino acids help with photosynthesis and making cereal crops deep green.

What Makes Our Organic Fertilizers Better Than Others?

If you are looking for the best organic fertilizer for your agricultural needs, then look no further than us at Vakichim. Our solutions are made to add more vitality and protection to your plants while offering some other undeniable benefits.


Organic fertilizers are more eco-friendly when compared to synthetic ones. They help to retain and improve favorable soil conditions and reduce your carbon footprint.

The use of organic fertilizers reduces the need for pesticides by 50-70%.

Better water distribution

Our organic fertilizers help to preserve moisture in the soil. The silicone we add to some of our organic products makes plants less susceptible to dry weather. Only one atom of silicone is capable of holding around 100-140 atoms of water.

Versatile use

These fertilizers are suitable for reinforcing development for most kinds of plants, including flowers, grasses, trees, fruits, and vegetables. Organic fertilizing is suitable for both acidic and alkaline soils as well as for all plant development phases, such as root development and leaf and flower formation.


Our organic fertilizers contain high levels of beneficial components in every single dose. You need to only apply small amounts of them and to see outstanding results.

Improved plant resilience

The essential trace elements, nutrients, and amino acids included in our products help protect plants from drought, bad weather, diseases, pests, etc. This enables better plant health in general.

Gradual nutrient release

Organic fertilizers release micro and macronutrients slowly, particularly during the winter months when soil microbes are inactive. This helps prepare you for the spring, which is typically the early part of the growing season.

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