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Grow Plant NPK Water Soluble Fertilizers: Sustainable Agriculture for Bountiful Harvests

Farmers are actively adopting tools for increased crop yield to keep up with the global need to feed a growing population on limited arable land.


Enter water soluble fertilizers (WSFs), a cornerstone in the modern farmer’s toolkit that stands out as an environmentally friendly solution. The demand for WSFs is steadily rising globally, driven by the growing preference for sustainable fertilizers that enhance crop nutrient absorption.


As a leading fertilizer manufacturer, we are devoted to creating formulas with care for both farmers and the planet. That’s why Grow Plant’s NPK fertilizers are a premium solution crafted with the intent to minimize environmental impact and maximize crop productivity.

WSF Application Methods and Their Environmental Impact

Grow Plant NPK fertilizers readily dissolve in water for a more precise application through irrigation methods such as fertigation and drip irrigation.


This approach minimizes waste and reduces the environmental impact caused by most granular fertilizers. Not only that, WSFs are highly efficient even at lower ratios, making them the preferred choice for long-term sustainability in modern farming practices.


Drip irrigation, a common method for WSF application, not only improves nutrient use efficiency but also reduces nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions compared to traditional irrigation systems.


Foliar application, targeting plant tissues directly, proves invaluable during critical growth stages, although it remains supplementary to soil fertility programs. This growth is fueled by the escalating need for eco-friendly fertilizers with nutrient-rich formulations that neutralize the negative effects of large-scale farming.

What are the composition and characteristics of WSFs?

WSFs primarily rely on the essential plant macronutrients—nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). This combination moves easily within the plant to meet varying demands, particularly with foliar application. WSFs contain essential nutrients in optimum ratios to combat pests, protect the pants’ roots, and help with early fruit formation.


Our water soluble fertilizers contain the optimal nutritional contents to meet the requirements of crops for much-needed sustenance. Here are the benefits of the three main components of our water soluble fertilizers:

  • Nitrogen (N): Critical for structural, genetic, and metabolic compounds, promoting overall crop growth.
  • Phosphorus (P): Essential for key plant structural compounds, catalyzing crucial biochemical reactions, and capturing and converting solar energy.
  • Potassium (K): Vital for plant growth, improving yields, nutrition value, and resilience against stress conditions.
grow plant NPK series banner

Grow Plant NPK Water Soluble Fertilizers


A robust solution for all of your agricultural needs, Grow Plant water soluble NPK fertilizers are developed to tackle the many challenges in modern-day agriculture.

We believe in providing only the best for your plants, so you can say goodbye to nutrient deficiencies and hello to vigorous, healthy plants. Which is why we use high-quality raw materials to produce our fertilizers. Each formulation is meticulously balanced and expertly combined to ensure maximum effectiveness and optimal results.

A robust solution for all your agricultural needs, Grow Plant water soluble NPK fertilizers are meticulously crafted to address the diverse challenges of modern-day agriculture. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our raw materials, ensuring optimal results for your plants.

In addition to the purity of our ingredients, our water soluble NPK fertilizers offer:

  • A wide range of macro and micronutrient blends that are suitable for all crop types, growth stages, and application methods.
  • Our fertilizers are 100% water soluble, so you can nurture your crops and prevent the buildup of limescale in your irrigation systems.
  • Free from harmful additives such as chlorine and sodium, creating a healthier environment for plants and the ecosystem.
  • Suitable for diverse farming settings, from large-scale agriculture to smaller projects.
  • Delivers the correct portion of minerals to crops and is available in various breakdowns to suit both soft and hard water conditions.

  • Harvesting

  • Growth

  • Maintenance

Grow Plant NPK Water Soluble Fertilizers:

*All Grow Plant Water Soluble fertilizers are available in 1 kg and 20 kg packs.

  • Grow-Plant-NPK-10-45-10

    Grow Plant NPK 10 45 10 + TE

    A potent WSF with a balanced blend of essential trace elements and a powerful phosphorus formula. Promotes rapid root development, aids post-planting recovery, and enhances overall plant strength.
  • Grow-Plant-NPK-12-12-36

    Grow Plant NPK 12 12 36 + TE

    Tailored for the crucial ripening stage, with a focus on potassium, this fertilizer helps to create abundant and flavorful harvests across all known crops.
  • Grow-Plant-NPK-13-0-30

    Grow Plant NPK 13 0 30 + 9% CaO + TE: Premium Calcium Fertilizer for Plant and Soil Health

    Designed for accelerated root development and post-planting restoration. An advanced blend of rich phosphorus, infused with essential trace elements, enhances plant functions and resilience in adverse weather situations.
  • Grow-Plant-NPK-13-40-13

    Grow Plant NPK 13 40 13 + TE

    Designed for accelerated root development and post-planting restoration. An advanced blend of rich phosphorus, infused with essential trace elements, enhances plant functions and resilience in adverse weather situations.
  • Grow-Plant-NPK-15-10-30

    Grow Plant NPK 15 10 30 + TE

    Nourish your plants with a strong formula, specifically crafted for the critical ripening stage. Rich in potassium and key micronutrients for abundant, high-quality harvests across various crops.
  • Grow-Plant-NPK-20-20-20

    Grow Plant NPK 20 20 20 + TE: All-Season Balanced Plant Nutrition

    Water soluble crystalline fertilizer with a powerful 20-20-20 formula. Ideal for catalyzing robust plant development and ensuring balanced food intake throughout the growing season.
  • Grow-Plant-NPK-30-10-10

    Grow Plant NPK 30 10 10 Fertilizer + TE: High Nitrogen Solution for Rapid Growth

    Meticulously formulated for plants in their active growth phase, it promotes intense and vibrant leaf development. Enriched with essential trace elements for balanced nutrition and comprehensive growth support.
grow plant NPK Black Energy Series banner

Grow Plant NPK Black Energy


Grow Plant NPK Black Energy is a revolutionary crystalline fertilizer series that takes your plants to the next level. Crafted with precision and passion, our high-quality products are 100% water soluble, delivering superior results every time.

What sets Black Energy apart from other fertilizers on the market is our unique ASP Organic Complex. This advanced formula nourishes your crops with primary organic minerals, fueling their growth and vitality like never before. Here is how fruits, vegetables, and other plants benefit from Grow Plant Black Energy fertilizers:

  • Nourishes your plants with essential organic nutrients – nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen – for unparalleled growth and vitality.
  • Harnesses the fastest carriers of nutrients, ensuring efficient absorption and utilization by your plants.
  • Boosts sugar accumulation, unlocking the sweetest flavors and aromas in your harvest.
  • Ignites various physiological processes, enhancing photosynthesis, flowering, and stress resilience.
  • Acts as a natural and potent antioxidant, protecting your plants from harmful free radicals.
  • Unleashes natural growth stimulation, propelling your plants to reach their full potential.
  • Facilitates easy assimilation of trace elements, ensuring comprehensive nutrition for your plants.
  • Supercharges your yields, significantly increasing both their quantity and quality.

  • Harvesting

  • Growth

  • Maintenance

Grow Plant Black Energy Water Soluble Fertilizers:

  • Grow-Plant-Black-Energy-NPK-15-5-30

    Grow Plant Black Energy + TE: A Water Soluble NPK 15 5 30 Fertilizer

    Potassium-rich WSF with essential trace elements for crucial ripening. Powered by ASP Organic Complex for nourishment, stimulation, and remarkable yields. Rich in antioxidants and growth stimulants that optimize natural processes for exceptional crop performance.
  • Grow-Plant-Black-Energy-NPK-18-18-18

    Grow Plant Black Energy + TE: A Water Soluble NPK 18 18 18 Fertilizer

    Balanced fertilizer with ASP Organic Complex for rapid nutrient absorption. Boosts photosynthesis, flowering, and stress resilience. The natural antioxidant properties help stimulate vigorous plant ripening.
  • Grow-Plant-Black-Energy-NPK-15-40-5

    Grow Plant Black Energy NPK 15 40 5 + TE

    Revolutionary WSF for accelerated rooting and unmatched yields. Fast-track nutrient delivery ensures quick absorption, while antioxidants and growth stimulants promote vitality and productivity.
  • Grow-Plant-Black-Energy-NPK-30-10-7

    Grow Plant Black Energy NPK 30-10-7 + TE

    Balanced crystalline fertilizer that supports sugar accumulation and key physiological processes during intense growth stages. Acts as a natural antioxidant and growth stimulant for increased plant vitality. Promotes lush leaf growth for optimal health and development.
  • Grow-Plant-Micromix

    Grow Plant MICROMIX Fertilizer

    A chelated fertilizer packed with essential micronutrients. Invigorates plants for enhanced vitality, growth, and bountiful yields. Easy to use, dissolve in water for convenient application with up to three applications and a maximum 2% solution concentration.

What Makes Our Water Soluble Fertilizers Better Than Others?

Unlike the most widespread diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizers, Grow Plant WSFs offer several benefits. The simplicity of handling eliminates the need for material dilution, making WSFs an attractive choice for modern farmers. Farmers can drastically minimize their physical efforts by using a pre-programmed system for irrigation water release.


Here is what makes our water soluble NPK fertilizers so advantageous for modern farmers:

Reduced environmental impact

WSFs are less likely to cause groundwater contamination or otherwise negatively affect ecosystems compared to traditional fertilizers.

Low risk of plant injury:

Due to their fast-acting but short-lived nature, water soluble fertilizers are less likely to cause harm to plants.

Accurate nutrient distribution

WSFs provide a precise amount of nutrients required throughout the growth cycle, reducing the risk of uneven dosing and potential damage.

Cost-effective solution

Achieve professional farming results at a relatively low price per acre.

Convenient handling:

WSFs eliminate the need to handle or dilute materials, offering a convenient solution for farmers.

Stable soil conditions:

Applying soluble fertilizers reduces variation in mineral concentrations for a healthy soil pH, creating a stable environment for growing plants.

Multipurpose qualities:

Grow Plant water soluble fertilizers come in many formulas that cater to various crops, climates, and soil conditions.

Reduced leaching:

WSFs decrease fertilizer leaching, reducing environmental impact while giving you the best results for your plants.

For all growth stages:

Take care of the health of your plants from root formation and early flowering until they are ready to harvest.

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