Grow Plant Black Energy + TE: A Water Soluble NPK 18 18 18 Fertilizer

Nitrogen (N) – 18%
Nitrate – 3.88%
Ammonium – 3.54%
Urea – 9.98%
Organic – 0.6%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) – 18%
Potassium oxide (K2O) – 18%
Iron (Fe) – 0.03%
Manganese (Mn) – 0.02%
Zink (Zn) – 0.02%
Copper (Cu) – 0.02%
Boron (B) – 0.02%
Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.002%
ASP Organic Complex – 10%


Product Description:

Discover the power of balanced plant nutrition throughout the entire growing season with our 100% water soluble fertilizer, Grow Plant Black Energy NPK 18 18 18 + TE. This NPK fertilizer is designed to deliver essential nutrients to your plants for optimal growth.


Nitrogen (N) plays a crucial role in plant growth by its involvement in various critical processes such as growth, leaf expansion, and biomass production. Low levels of nitrogen can hinder plant development, while adequate nitrogen levels can enhance root growth, nutrient uptake, and overall plant health.

You should supply your plants and soil with the right type of nitrogen fertilizer, applied at the right time and rate. Efficient nitrogen fertilization helps to minimize the environmental impact as well.


Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient that acts as a catalyst in many key biochemical reactions in plants.

With a shortage of phosphorus, the exchange of energy and substances in plants is disturbed. Applying a proper amount of phosphorus ensures strong root development, optimal stem growth, flower formation, an increase in the number of seeds, and uniform and early ripening of the crop.


Potassium (K) is a key player in cell division and nutrient movement within plants, which is vital for plant development. This element improves water uptake and resistance to adverse environmental conditions. It also protects plants from fungal diseases.

Potassium deficiency leads to leaf abnormalities such as rust spots and wrinkling. Potassium deficiency can also cause wilting, yellowing of the leaves, and reduced crop yields.

Unlock the secret of ASP Organic Complex 

Experience the natural and powerful antioxidant properties of ASP Organic Complex, enriched with nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. It’s a great assistant in safeguarding your plants from harmful free radicals and environmental stressors.

Witness its natural growth stimulant qualities, fueling a surge of vigor and strength in your plants. Using the ASP Organic Complex supports sugar accumulation, stimulates important physiological processes, and enhances crucial functions such as photosynthesis, flowering, and stress resilience.

Due to the easy assimilation of trace elements, the use of this extraordinary mix significantly keeps both the quantity and quality of your yields high.

* The product is available in packs of 1 kg and 20 kg.


Physical Properties:
pH: 4-5


Fertilization Rates:

Nurture your plants with a comprehensive and balanced fertilizer to ensure steady growth and development throughout the entire growing season. 

The right dosage is crucial. Learn how much you need to apply, depending on the type of plant you’re growing.



  • Application phase – Twinning; Growing phase
  • Application – 3-5 kg/ha leaf application


  • Application phase – 50-60cm plant height
  • Application – 3-5 kg/ha leaf application


  • Application phase – From flowering to fruit growth
  • Application – 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation

Cabbages & Leafy

  • Application phase – 10 days before harvest
  • Application – 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation

Cucumbers & Peppers

  • Application phase – At the beginning of fruiting; 10-15 days before the end of the growing season
  • Application – 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation

Fruit Plants

  • Application phase – After flowering until the fruit grows
  • Application – 3-5 kg/ha leaf application or 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation

Beans & Peas

  • Application phase – Before flowering; Flowering up to 10 days before harvesting
  • Application – 3-5 kg/ha leaf application

Root Crops

  • Application phase – Beginning of the tube formation
  • Application – 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation


  • Application phase – Growth of the grains – 10-15 days before the last application
  • Application – 3-5 kg/ha leaf application or 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation

Melons and Watermelons

  • Application phase – When the first fruits appear and during their growth
  • Application – 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation

Blackberries & Raspberries

  • Application phase – 15 days after flowering; After harvest
  • Application – 3-5 kg/ha leaf application or 30-70 kg/ha drip irrigation